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Product Management Innovation Courses

We can offer Product Innovation Courses and Product Management Courses for In Company training. These include:

  • Product Innovation (PI)
  • Product Launch and Introduction (PLI)
  • Accelerating New Product Development (ANPD)


Product Innovation Course

Product Innovation Course has the following objectives:

  • Introduction to the principles of Product, Market, Technology and other Innovation
  • Understand and explore ways to increase creativity and innovative thinking
  • Understand types of Innovator companies and approaches outside your industry
  • Explore principles and practices relating to Disruptive, Revolutionary and Evolutionary Innovation and how it might apply in your company
  • Understand how Proposition Portfolio Strategy and Roadmapping, innovation information from Voices of Customers (Gemba, Adoption Characteristics, Kano) and Competitive Intelligence promote innovation
  • Discuss Lean and Agile Principles and Practices for Product and Software Development
  • Be introduced to Jugaad Innovation and Blue Ocean strategies
  • Discuss and work with a comprehensive set of methods and a toolkit for implementing innovation

See Downloads for more information on Product Innovation Training

Product Launch Course

Product Launch Course has the following outputs and objectives:

  • Understanding best practices and associated tools for planning and implementing Product Launch
  • Product Launch strategies for Big Bang, Phased or Soft Launch, Minimal Launch, Re-Launch, ....
  • Launch planning and key milestones for Go to Market and Internal introduction
  • Compelling and competitive Product Value Propositions for product positioning
  • Product messaging using Product Value Claims model
  • Tools to evaluate Product readiness, Customer readiness, Sales and Operational readiness
  • Effective internal communications, Market Communications Mix and Sales/ Routes to Market
  • Integrated PLI Toolkit

See Downloads for more information on Product Launch Training

Accelerated New Product Development Course

Accelerated New Product Development Course has the following outputs and objectives:

  • Understand Principles and Practices of Accelerated New Product Development (NPD)
  • Become exposed to the  framework of processes and tools for Time to Market Compression and Product Innovation within End to End  Product Life Cycle Management
  • Characterise your approach to New Product Development and identify 'Time Black Holes'
  • Understand how Stage-Gate can be improved to introduce concurrency and tuned for shorter Time to Market
  • Understand how to use customers and competitive products to stimulate Product Innovation and improve Product Definition
  • Discuss management of the 'Fuzzy Front End' and the use of Product Portfolio Strategy
  • Explore Lean, Agile and Jugaad (Ingenious improvised solutions) approached for accelerating NPD and Product Innovation
  • Plan actions for  Implementing Time to Market Compression and Product Innovation
  • Understand how to use a Toolkit for Accelerated New Product Development (NPD)

See Downloads for more information on Accelerated New Product Development Training


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