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Product Management Training and workshops programme

Our product management training courses and product marketing workshops provide the know how to successfully manage new and current products  and product portfolios. Our courses and workshops equip people in all functions and at all levels of an organisation with best practices, knowledge and tools to plan, introduce and manage successful products and portfolios.


Can be delivered 'as is' or Tailored for specific requirements. Titles include:

  • Professional Product Management (PPM)
  • Product Portfolio Strategy (PPS)
  • Product Launch and Introduction (PLI)
  • Product Innovation (PI)
  • Accelerating New Product Development (ANPD)

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In Company Training Workshops


In Company Training workshops are suitable for a group of Product Managers or a cross-functional group of people from Product Management, Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Technical/ Engineering, Operations, IT, ........ to achieve a common understanding, commonality of methods and team building.

The course leader is an experienced practitioner who brings a wealth of real-life examples and case histories to enrich the course material.


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Training focuses on the following modules for Product Management, Product Marketing and Product Managers:


Product Management Principles and Practices

Product Management Processes and Toolkits

Product Strategy

Product Portfolio Strategy

Product Portfolio Management

Customer Product Value Propositions (PVPs)

Target Groups, Gathering Voices of Customers (VoC)

Requirements Management

Translating Voices of Customers (VoC)

Customer orientated Product Competitive Analysis (PCA)

Product Management Roles and Responsibilities and Stakeholder Management

Product Development and New Product Introduction

Product Launch

Developing Product Portfolio Strategy, Roadmap and Reward/Risk/Resource Priorities

Product Marketing and Social Networks

Current Product In-Life Management

Pricing and Profitability

Product Positioning and Messaging

Product Marketing Communication Mix

Software packages to support Product Management and Marketing

Product Phase Out/ Replacement

All training modules are supported by a Toolkit

which helps with learning and implementation


In Company Workshop Programmes


Time to Market offers a range of programmes which are tailored to the needs of our clients and are provided in-company/ in-house. Programmes can be designed with durations from 1 to 5 days with optional follow-up support to meet your specific requirements, which:


# allows you to focus on specific company issues

# enables several of your people to benefit from the training together

# consolidates understanding and terminology

# facilitates practical implementation of practices and tools

# lowers training costs - both in terms of course fees and travel expenses

# minimises the time that people are out of the office.


Structure of a typical programme/ workshop is:



Interactive powerpoint presentations by facilitator

Topics such as: Product Management principles and practices; Product Management processes; Voices of Customers; Product Strategy; Market Intelligence; Product Innovation and Creativity; Product Development; Competitive Intelligence; Product Launch; Current product in-life management; Product replacement and withdrawal; .............

interspersed with

Breakouts: structured individual and/or group work related to:

- exercises to use methods and tools

- evaluation of current methods and ideas for improvement

- Case study discussions

- faciltated work


Faciltated Workshops, including presentation, discussion and feedback on chosen topics to do more work and/or define improvement actions

SoftTool walkthroughs, to understand and use Excel based packages which implement tools

Follow-up support, to help implementation and tool development

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